Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2 Pre Order Specials

Castlevania has a special pre-order depending on where you pre-order it from. Best Buy, Amazon, and Gamestop all with their own exclusive pre-order options.

Ordering from Amazons gets you The Dark Dracula Skin: This pre-order bonus, which you can only get from Amazon, gives you this classic skin based on the awesome costume of Dracula in the classic entries.

Best Buy pre-orders get you the Relice Rune Pack – For those who go to the Best Buy, this bonus is what you get. This pre-order bonus grants you access to most of the game’s runes the moment you get your first one.

GameStop gets you the Premium Dracula: A Gamestop exclusive bonus, this one sports your Dracula a new kind of look. Equipped with new armor, new clothes, new design and a new beard.