New Spartan Named and Background Revealed



The 2nd Spartan on the coverart of Halo Guardians has been named and also his background had been revealed.

The Spartan on the box art has been named and his name is Agent Locke.

While speaking to Eurogamer, Bonnie Ross of 343 Indestries explains his involement of the character in the Halo Nightfall series and the game, stating that Master Chief is the MAIN Character:

 “He is human, he’s always been human, but at the end of Halo 4 he really is reflecting on who he is and why he exists.

“That was very deliberate because the story we want to tell on Xbox One really is an important part and the main part of his hero’s journey. It’s more about what he’s searching for versus what the UNSC is asking him to do.”

He also made it clear stating that this  “a continuation of Master Chief’s story,” 

“Halo 5 is a lot about his future, but as you’ll see through all of the linear pieces we’ve woven through, his past is key to his future.”

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