Ready At Dawn Addresses QTE

With Ready at Dawn’s new game, The Order setting the bar on how in-game graphics should be, gamers are thinking that the gameplay will suffer with tons of QTE.

In a recent interview with gamingbolt, Ready at Dawn’s Marc Turndorf discusses the frequency of the QTC.

“I don’t have a specific answer to that, but once every 3-4 minutes?…No! As much as necessary,” assures Turndorf . ” There are many kinds of QTEs. There are really compelling ones at the end of a boss battle or just a melee encounter which makes it more gratifying and gives it some branches which are really fun.”

“Then there are some little things like opening a door and things like that. There are plenty in the game, as many as necessary but we don’t go crazy like “Oh! It’s been 4 minutes, we don’t have a QTE, we need a QTE, ahh! What are we gonna do?!” It’s not like that. We tried to place them in compelling manners that users can really enjoy,”