Ubisoft President Explains The Delay of The Crew and Watchdogs

Now we all were upset with the delay of the titles The Crew and WatchDog, but Ubisoft  claimed that the delay was to help insure a better game.

While speaking to examiner, Ubisoft North American President, Laurent Dent explains why they made the choice.

"There are definitely times when we have to make tough decisions, such as moving a launch date, as it initially upsets some in our community but ultimately will ensure we launch a better game.

"A great game, such as Far Cry 3 last year or Rayman Legends this year, has to have the time and resources to make sure it’s done right. We’re proud of how far we’ve come and see this next-generation transition as another opportunity to grow, gain market share and create amazing experiences for our fans.

"We believe that ultimately, it’s our fans that help influence our franchises, our business and our success. If we create compelling experiences, listen to our fans and make smart business decisions with them in mind, we will win the race," Detoc said.