Activision Banning Call of Duty Ghost Players in Hacked Lobbies

Looks as if reports are beginning to surface of a massive ban of Call of Duty Ghost Players.

The ban looks to be targeting those who have accessed hacked lobbies. The bans seem to be permanent and will not be lifted.

User “tcsdaniels”  of the Call of Duty Ghost forums posted this comment explaining his ban, ”After a bit of research and reviewing the past week or so of the games my son and I played, we believe the innocent players that did not either back out of a hacked lobby (due to not knowing) or were automatically placed into one are getting banned,” he wrote.


“My son and I are clueless when it comes to most of it. Over the last week we did come to an agreement that we were losing a lot more than normal but we just contributed that to the assumption we were just getting placed with better people. We are more often then not the lowest scoring people every round we play and that should not be a reason to ban people and their console’s.”

The has also been others like, Reddit user “wuzzup” says, “I too, have been permanently banned. I play maybe a couple hours/week and have never done anything against the code of conduct,”


In which Activision support responded to “wuzzups” saying that“bans are put in place after an account has been investigated into. Any code of conduct violations WILL result in a ban. The user is responsible for all actions taken on the account.”

“All bans are final and will not be reversed. Nor do we provide any additional information or specifics in regards to the ban,”


check out the Ban page here

via MP1st