Ultra Street Fighter 4 Foot to Booty Cheek Review

From Street Fighter 4 to Super Street Fighter 4 to Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition to Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 comes newest Street Fighter game.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the newest version of the Street Fighter 4 series (which has been around for five years) and this game doesn’t disappoint. Fans of the series have been asking for some new changes to Street Fighter 4.

            Ultra Street Fighter 4 brings a lot of new stuff to the table. All the characters have been tweaked and balanced. For example Cammy’s close standing HP damage has been reduced by 5 (85-80); stun reduced by 30 (150-120) another example is that Ken’s movement speed has been increased and his crouching HK start-up has been reduced by 1 frame (8F-7F): recovery increased by 2F (6F-8F) for a full list of changes go to http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/may/22/final-ultra-street-fighter-4-balance-change-list/

            Not only do characters play a bit different but players now have the option to choose whether or not they want their character to have two ultra combos. Picking both ultra combos will have a little less damage but it gives players to play with extreme caution for example fighting against Zangief with two ultra combos players will not only have to keep a distance from him so that he doesn’t grab with his ultra combo one and also try not to jump in to him so that he can use his anti air ultra two.

            Capcom also added some other new features such as the Red Focus that players to absorb multiple hits more than the regular focus attack with the cost of one energy bar. It can still be stopped by throws, and moves that can cause armor breaks. The other new game play mechanic is the delayed standing which allow players that get knocked down can stay on the ground just a slight longer it’s not too much of difference but it can help against a rush down character like Cammy which can throw off her groove a little bit.

            Now what’s a new Street Fighter game without some new characters? Rolento, Elena, Poison and Hugo from Street Fighter X Tekken make their Street Fighter 4 debut and they all look beautiful and a blast to play but players need to know that they play different from their X Tekken versions.

            Ultra introduces a new character to the Street Fighter series named Decapre whose appearance looks similar to Cammy with a mask which fans weren’t too excited for. Now just because she looks like Cammy doesn’t mean she plays like Cammy. She does have similar pokes and pretty fast but all her special moves are charge commands meaning she has the same inputs for Guile’s and Blanka’s specials but in the end Decapre is a fun character to play with. Now the downside with the new characters is that there is no trail mode to learn combos with them. It’s still set to Super Street Fighters 4 version sadly so players will have to learn on their own or watch YouTube videos.

            Other features for Ultra Street Fighter 4 include offline recording so players can grab a friend and record matches against to reminisce on old times and players can also upload videos to YouTube as well. Players can also train online to wait for an opponent to face which fans have been asking for a while now. There’s also a team elimination that can be played online which players can play against another team eliminating one character at a time which is nothing too much to talk about but still a fun mode to play with your online friends.

            The last feature I want to talk about is now players have the option to choose which character version they want to play as. So players can play as Sagat in his original Street Fighter 4 kicking everyone’s butt or pick Yun’s arcade edition his famous dive kick. It’s an interesting concept to bring this feature because some players might not like how their character plays in this version so they’ll stick to another version. Now players can only do this offline, which is kind of good and bad because online might be filled with Sagat players or Yun’s but when it comes to the tournaments it’s going to be interesting to see what the pros choose especially when it comes to this year’s EVO which will be an exciting event.

            In the end Ultra Street fighter 4 is the game fans have been asking for. The new characters are a blast to play with. The new balance tweaks  to the original cast play great even low tier characters have their shine and the ability to pick which character version they want to play as which gives the players many options. Ultra Street Fighter 4 is definitely the best Street Fighter 4 game despite not being able to have a trail mode for the new characters. Thegamingadvisory gives Ultra Street Fighter 4 9 out of 10.