Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Review Go PERSONA

Persona 4 Arena returns with a bigger roster, depth story, crazy fighting mechanics and more awesome music!!!!

Arc System Works has returned once again with another fast pace fighting game and once again it delivers.

It’s been two years since Persona 4 Arena has been released and it has been well received by gaming websites and the fighting game community. Now Ultimax doesn’t bring a huge change in game play from its predecessor but it brings more content that fans of the series and fighting games will enjoy.

It’s been a week since Yu Narukami and his friends have left the Midnight Channel that was holding the P1-Grand Prix, while their figuring out their next move a mysteries red fog covers Inaba making ordinary people without Personas disappear and not only that Yu and his friends notice that Mitsuro and her shadow operative members are crucified (not dead). Yu and his friends must find the perpetrator behind this mess and save the shadow operatives before it’stoo late.

The story in Ultimax goes at a different route. Instead of having characters in the game their own story the game goes into different chapters which fit pretty well in my opinion with how this story is played out.

Now for the people that just want to fight will be disappointed because story mode just like in most Artic System games is that there is a lot of characterdialogue and it can seem like it’s going forever but for the people that enjoy the predecessor story will definitely be interested in this story. Now although there is a lot of talking in story mode I actually enjoyed it. The story got me really got my attention from start to finish. There are definitely even twists throughout this story which makes it so much better. There wasn’t a time when I just wanted to skip everything they were saying. I believe fans of this series will enjoy it. Story mode also features Auto Mode where the computer will do the fighting for players which I wouldn’t recommend because that can definitely take some fun out of it and sometimes the CPU will lose so it’s definitely not worth it.

The game play in Ultimax has not quite change all that much. The game play pretty much follows its predecessor with the fast action type game play.

The returning characters have all been changed and tweaked up a bit for more balance within the cast. I will say that characters play a bit different from the last game. My favorite character from the first game “Chie” has some new moves and played a bit different so it shows that I’ll need to learn new combos. Everyone will practically have to learn new combos with their favorite character.

The new characters in Ultimax are a lot of fun to play with. Characters from Persona 3Ken Amada and Koromaru, Junpei and Yukari make their fighting game debut. My favorite so far is Yukari aka the Pink Sniper reminds me of a certain power ranger. She was a lot of fun for me to play as despite her being a zone.

The newest addition to Ultimax is that now players can play as certain characters shadows and yes there is a difference between the original and shadow. Now shadow type characters are a little risky play. Shadows have reduced normal attacks, can’t break out of combos, they keep special gauges as they move on to the next round but the interesting part is that instead of an awakening mode they can perform rampage ability, once their special gauge is filled players able to perform as supers as they or cancel into another until their special gauge drops to zero.

Another new feature is a new game mode called Golden Arena which is pretty much like survival mode where players fight through dungeons defeating opponents to increase their stats. It’s a decent mode to try out if players don’t have online or no one with them to play with.

The online in Ultimax doesn’t offer a lot. It features a lobby area similar to BlazBlue where basically players walking around talking to other players around the world or do battle with them. Now the connection is about same which is pretty decent but with a fast pace game like Persona even the slightest lag can throw a player off.

In the end Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a lot of fun to play. Like I said it’s not a huge difference from itspredecessor but it still manages to hold on it’s on. With a deeper story mode, a bigger roster, balanced characters, and of course great music Ultimax is fantastic. It’s also good for beginners getting into fighting games. Ultimax is definitely a candidate for fighting game of the year. The Gaming Advisory gives Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 9 out of 10.

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